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The Artist at Work
New! Watch a short video impression of Alexander Hamilton working on location in Tuscany, Italy.

Experienced Decorative Painter

British born Alexander Hamilton is both artist and decorative painter and has been professional in this field for over 15 years. He often works in collaboration with others, fellow painters, architects and interior decorators.

Studio 64 - Unique decorative objects

Studio 64 is a workshop and studio in a courtyard in the centre of Florence, directed by Fiona Corsini and Alexander Hamilton. The informal location has a large exhibition area where artists and artisans are invited to exchange and expose their talents. Over the last five years successful exhibitions have been organized periodically.

Fiona Corsini and Alexander Hamilton collaborate in the creation of decorative pieces. the different artistic backgrounds combine to give an original twist to their products and projects. The use of traditional materials and an attentive eye for environmental sustainable products is and intrinsic part of their approach to Art. For an impression see our mystery lampshades and hand painted linen.

studio 64 brochure

Fiona spent many years as a fabric designer for fashion Maison Emilio Pucci, giving her great sensitivity in pattern and colour, which is most visible in her accomplished watercolours.

Alexander trained in Art and painted decoration, specializing in historical reconstruction of themes, patterns and colours. All that he paints fits into the historical context of the building and it's architecture.

Their combined talents lead to a clear and contemporary feel in all their work. They are strongly influenced by the wealth of Florentine artistry around them and the availability of traditional skills and craftsmanship on their doorstep enables them to carry out their original and functional ideas.

Location: Studio 64, Via il Prato 64, 50123 Firenze. For enquiries please use the contact form.

Decorative painting projects

Alexander Hamilton was exposed to the world of interior decoration from a young age and grew up with the creative possibilities of painting and making things at close hand. Moving on from illustration to sign writing he fell into decorative painting and after training in London, Paris and Florence he has never looked back.

The artist has worked on projects all over Europe and on the west coast of America. From decorative finishes to fine mural scenes he covers them all with a sensitive eye for tradition and architectural context. Hamilton is based in rural Tuscany where the buildings and architecture provide both inspiration and work.

Alexander Hamilton works for clients world wide. Most of the work is executed for private clients, being painted “in site” on their walls. However, work can be carried out on stretched canvas or panels thus avoiding the inconvenience of paint pots in your dining room for weeks on end.

Creating Atmosphere & Character

The process or art of decorating and adorning walls goes back a long way; from cave paintings to Versailles. The objective being to create character and atmosphere suitable to the rooms purpose.

Painted decoration is a powerful means of creating atmosphere. Combining architecture and furnishings with a painted backdrop has a strong theatrical impact on a room.

Murals and decoration are painted as an attempt to create illusion, providing an extra dimension to the space we live and work in. They should always follow the architecture of the surroundings and in it’s most accomplished form should be considered Art as we have seen in the wall paintings of Pompeii, the Renaissance and the Baroque period.

This is what Alexander Hamilton likes to achieve with every project and compromise on this is a compromise on his soul.

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